Special Education

Welcome to the CNSU Special Education site. The purpose of this site is to inform those most involved with our students with special needs. The 2010 Vermont Special Education Regulations manual is useful for answering regulatory and procedural questions that arise throughout the school year. From these regulations are key areas that often pose challenges for IEPs to clearly adopt. They include: Evaluation ProcedureAdverse Effect, and the Definition of Emotional Disturbance. These are just a few excerpts from the manual that can inform parents and educators of the process for serving students with special needs.

Throughout the special education process, it is very important to consider the number of decisions an IEP team is required to make. These decisions range from direct instruction to related services to placement decisions. To help educators and parents make good decisions, the Agency of Education published published a guidebook in 2001 Guide to Making IEP Decisions  that is still relevant today. We urge you to review and download if you can.